Wiseway Stove

Wiseway Stove Specifications

Model #GW1949

Pellet Fuel Room Heater

Glass Type5mm Ceramic
H x W x D x52″ x 24″ x 15″
Hopper60 Lbs
Dry Weight131 Lbs
Efficiency Rating75%
Heating Area2,000 Square Feet
High Temp Burn Rate5.5 Lbs Fuel per Hour
High Temp Burn Time10 Hours
Low Temp Burn Rate2 Lbs Fuel per Hour
Low Temp Burn Time30 Hours
Heat Output40,000 BTU
Tested toUL 1482-11 (R2015)
Tested toULC-S627-00
Tested to(UM) 84-HUD
Tested & Listed byOMNI-Test Laboratories Inc
OMNI Report #0215PS047S / 504-S-01-2
US EPA Certified2015 Particle Emission Standards
Testing Method28 RSG
Approved US OnlyMobile Home Installation
Patent #US7861707
Particle Emissions1.9 Grams per Hour
Metal Type3.5″ x .120″ Wall Steel Square Tube
Moving PartsN/A
Electrical PartsN/A
WarrantyView PDF
Location of ManufactureChina and USA
UsesHome, Mobile Homes, Off Grid Cabins, Greenhouses, Tents, Barns, Patios, Decks